The Sixth Gate

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The Sixth Gate is located on the western side of the fortress, along the third line of defence, namely the counterguard. Together with the Fifth Gate it allows access into the fortress from the west, from the Romans’ Plateau.

This is a simple gate, made of two massive stone pillars embedded in the brick wall of the counterguard. The pillars mark the access point for vehicles through a narrow, slightly curved passage leading to the fifth gate. Each of the gate’s pillars has a flattened pilaster in the middle. On the upper side of each pillar is a profiled cornice topped with a small prismatic aedicule on which unexploded cannon balls are depicted. In front of the gate, outside the precincts, is a bridge above the ditch bordering the fortification.

This was the gate that King Ferdinand and Queen Mary passed through in 1922 on their coronation as the rulers of Great Romania. (C.A.)

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